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Towel Changing Robes / Ponchos FAQ's

This is a question that we get asked a-lot. "Why should i use a towel changing robe / Poncho?"

The best and quick answer is that that is much easier and faster to get changed with a Changing Robe. With our robes your arms can be free and not trying to hold up your towel, trying not to flash the whole beach!

We have also been a big increase in people buying them for camping trips and weekends away in campervans! With a Towel Changing robe / Poncho you can easily walk to and from the showers without doing the awkward fast walk holding all your stuff!

Both Towel Changing Robes are great we would recommend either of them to anyone! If you would like a Towel Changing Robe that packs down small and drys quick pick Microfibre, if you want warmth and a super soft feel, go for Cotton.

Both Changing Robes have their positive and negatives but they are both amazing products.